2016 has been an interesting year for our family and for our country. In the Seagraves family, we welcomed a new grandson, Patrick fullsizeoutput_5041William Seagraves, on July 4th! Of course we are all in love with him, as well as his big brother George. We look forward to watching both boys grow up and hope we can spend more time with them in the coming year. Our grown children and their families both moved. One to a new condo in Atlanta. The other up to Johnson City, Tennessee. And we purchased a building lot back in our hometown. We plan to move, too, sometime in the new year.

The year we are about to say goodbye to, 2016, has been a year of surprises, to say the least. At our house, we love everyone, despite their voting actions. We learned a long time ago to love the person even if we don’t love his or her actions. So, though I am doubtful of a bright future for our country in the near future, given what has happened politically, I continue to have hope.

Yes, I am an optimist, no matter what. I continue to hope despite feeling like a dark cloud is hanging over our world. I continue to hope even with doubts and yes, fears, about the coming days and months and years.

fullsizeoutput_503dDespite the cloud of hate that seems to be settling over our land, at our house, we will continue to care about climate change. We will continue to believe in equality for all. As always, and especially now, we will continue to wish for peace all over the world and we will work towards making the world a better place for our grandchildren and yours.

One thing that we have learned during our long years of life is that change is the only thing we can count on. Things change. Maybe not as quickly as we could like, but they will change. Leadership will change. Dark clouds will eventually lift. Good will always trump evil. We have to believe that, especially now.

In the coming new year, there is hope and love all around us. And for those of us, and there are many of us, who were disappointed and hurt and damaged by what happened this year, it is more important than ever for us to hang on to hope and love and the change that will most certainly come eventually. That change will lift the dark cloud. It will restore what we have recently lost. It will make the future bright again. We can help lift that cloud. We still have the power within us, along with hope and love.

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