I live in a small Georgia town called Winterville. We have about 1,100 citizens here, give or take a Wintervillian or two. Starting in 1971, we held an annual Marigold Festival that brought thousands of people here and generated much good will while basically putting us on the map, so to speak. I worked on the festival committee and board for over ten years. We discontinued the festival almost seven years ago when our committee dwindled to about five people.
A few months ago we decided to bring the festival back. A new resident of Winterville, Emily Eisenman, headed up the new Marigold Festival and we relaunched the event on May 16. We brought back the Scholarship Pageant, parade, barbecue, arts and crafts and music, including the street dance featuring Danny Daniels and the Powerplay band. All over town, I’ve heard cheering and good comments on this rebirth of our beloved festival. To all who worked so hard to make this happen, I send out a great big thank you!

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