Today, September 15, 2009, marks the beginning of my GONE FROM THESE WOODS blog book tour. My tour started this morning with a stop at Leandra Nessel’s blog: Madame Queen. Leandra works in the main library at the University of Georgia as a Development Office and moonlights as the Madame Queen on her blog. Check it out. Leave a comment there and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free signed first edition copy of GONE FROM THESE WOODS.
Want to follow the rest of the GFTW Blog Book Tour? Here’s the schedule:

Leandra Nessel – Tue., Sept. 15 – Madame Queen Blog

Lynn Coulter – Wed., Sept. 16 – Seedlings Blog

Elizabeth Dulemba – Fri., Sept. 18 – E’s Blog

Eddie Suttles – Mon., Sept. 21, Georgia Books and Water Blog

Each blogger has a unique group of questions and answers about me, my book, and the writing process. Read them all. And don’t forget to subscribe to each one and/or follow them in your Google Reader, or on your Google Homepage or in your favorite reader. These are all excellent blogs. See you there!

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