It’s here!!! Recently, I pulled out a big envelope from my Winterville post office box. Inside, were my two author’s copies of the October 2011 issue of The Writer magazine. The magazine smelled of fresh ink as I flipped through and found my Breakthrough column, “Conference Feedback and an Authentic Voice led the Way to Publication,” on page 14. This compact 700 word column with three sections, “Breakthrough,” “What I learned,” and “Advice,” marked my article-writing debut in this magazine.

I’m a huge fan of The Writer, a monthly trade magazine for writers published by Kalmbach Publishing Company in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was first established in April 1887 by William H. Hills and Robert Luce, two Boston Globe reporters, as “a monthly magazine to interest and help all literary workers.” Until November 2000, The Writer was published in Boston. Packed with articles that inspire and instruct both aspiring and published writers, it’s the oldest magazine for writers currently being published. I’ve been reading it since the 1980s and feel very honored to see my own Breakthrough article in the pages of this magazine.

If you’ve ever wondered how I got my debut children’s middle grade novel, GONE FROM THESE WOODS, published, the story is here in the pages of The Writer. Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble or any of the other locations that carry specialized magazines, or subscribe online on The Writer website.

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