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Donny Bailey SeagravesDonny Bailey Seagraves is an American author of books for children and adults. She is a native of Athens, Georgia and for many years lived in the nearby small town of Winterville, the setting for her debut children’s middle grade novel, GONE FROM THESE WOODS, published by Penguin Random House. Her newest book is COOKING WITH ANNIE D: SOUTHERN RECIPES SEASONED WITH SEAGRAVES AND PETTYJOHN FAMILY HISTORY, published by Coile Grove Press.

Seagraves attended the University of Georgia, where she majored in journalism. She is a longtime freelance writer with regional and national publication credits that include: The Writer, Chicago Tribune, Mature Living and Athens Magazine, where she freelanced for 20 years.

A popular speaker, Seagraves has presented at the Harriette Austin Writers’ Conference, the SCBWI MD/DE/WV Regional Conference and the Northwest Georgia Valley Writers Conference. Other speaking engagements have included: The Southern Festival of Books, The AJC Decatur Book Festival, the Georgia Reading Association SIBA and The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Georgia.

Seagraves is a professional member of SCBWI and the Georgia Writers Registry and is a former City of Winterville Georgia Council member, Mayor Pro-Tem and Interim Mayor. She has previously served on the boards of the Winterville Marigold Festival, Friends of the Winterville Library, the Athens Regional Library Boomers and the Athens Council on Aging.

When she’s not writing, Seagraves works in her used and rare book business, Junebug Books and Collectibles, which she founded in 1998. She and husband Phillip are parents of twins, Jen and Greg, and grandparents of George and Patrick. 

To learn more about Donny Bailey Seagraves, visit her FAQs page, see her Press Kit, read her article about how she got published by Random house without an agent in The Writer Magazine and read a story about how she became a writer. Also read this Athens Banner-Herald article and this Oglethorpe Echo article about the author.

You will also find more about Donny Bailey Seagraves in Gale’s Something About the Author, Volume 224, Facts and Figures About Authors and Illustrators of Books for Young People and in Contemporary Authors, Volume(s) 311, published by Gale, which you should be able to find in your local library.

Donny Bailey Seagraves signing Gone From These Woods at Borders Bookstore in Athens, Georgia
Author Donny Bailey Seagraves signing Gone From These Woods

More About Donny Bailey Seagraves

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Author Donny Bailey Seagraves writing in her Winterville office in the 1990s.

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The Writer Breakthrough Article

Mature Living Article About the Last Hanna Batrite Bat Given to Donny by Her Grandfather

The Mistress of Mayhem: Harriette Austin

Donny Bailey Seagraves studied creative writing in 1983 in Harriette Austin’s class at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education on the University of Georgia campus. Harriette was the namesake for the Harriette Austin Writers Conference, a popular annual event that ran for many years and spawned many published authors. Click on Harriette’s picture to read Donny’s Athens Magazine article about Harriette.

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"I didn't want to shoot a rabbit that cold November morning in 1992. Most men and boys I knew-and even some girls-lived to hunt wild game in Newtonville. But not me. One day when I was five, I came up on Dad and his younger brother, Clay, skinning some rabbits they'd just killed in Sartain Woods. I tried not to breathe in the dead smell as Dad's big, rough hands ripped a rabbit's fur off like it was a candy bar wrapper. Right then, I decided hunting wasn't for me."

- Daniel Sartain, Page 1, Gone From These Woods

A Coming of Age Novel Set in the North Georgia Woods and Written by Native Georgian Donny Bailey Seagraves

Gone From These Woods

Nothing has been the same for Daniel Sartain since that morning in the woods when Uncle Clay went down. Mom tries to hold the family together. Mrs. Hardy, Daniel’s guidance counselor, tries to help after Daniel loses his role model and best friend. Daniel’s alcoholic father just makes the situation worse. The memory of that cold morning will stay with Daniel forever. But somehow, he must find a way to go on . . . for Uncle Clay . . . and most of all, for himself.

In Gone From These Woods, author Donny Bailey Seagraves, an Athens, Georgia native descended from pioneer settlers, deftly illustrates the culture and tradition of the American rural South and how one boy must learn to navigate this world.

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"The dynamics of the Sartain family are well-developed and genuine as a result of Daniel's authentic first-person narration. Seagraves' debut should leave readers weighing death, guilt and forgiveness."

-Publisher's Weekly
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