Announcing a new book: Cooking With Annie D

Cooking With Annie D Cover

Today I’m proud to announce the publication of my new book, Cooking With Annie C: Southern Recipes Seasoned With Seagraves and Pettyjohn Family History.

This book started as a simple collection of recipes that my mother-in-law Anne “Annie D” Pettyjohn Seagraves wrote down by hand and photocopied for her daughters, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. Anne created this collection of Southern recipes during a lifetime of cooking. I think she already knew her mind was failing due to Alzheimer’s when she started this project.

Several years ago, after my mother-in-law had passed away, I looked at her recipes and our huge collection of photographs and other memorabilia from her house and decided to put those together into an actual book for publication. Along the way, I added recipes from others, including another Ann Seagraves from Madison County, Georgia, where the Seagraves first settled after moving to Georgia from North Carolina and family photos, memories from Anne’s children and granddaughters and eventually this book was done.

For sure, there is no other book like this one. If you enjoy cooking Southern food and reading about family history, I hope you’ll buy a copy so you can cook with Annie D and read about our history.



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