Blake Morrow


Blake Morrow is the cover artist for GONE FROM THESE WOODS. Here’s a link to the cover art in his portfolio at Shannon Associates. And here’s his bio from Shannon Associates: Blake was raised on a steady diet of tv, comic books, action figures, music and make-believe, shaping his passion for pop culture while growing up in a small town in Eastern Ontario.IMG_9292

Inspired by the work of Annie Leibovitz, Blake sought out and worked under her after graduating from photography school. He moved on to shoot for Raygun magazine, MuchMusic, Nike, Bravo Television, Nettwork Records, Universal Music, TV Guide and has photographed such music greats as Oasis and Radiohead.

While working in the photographic industry, Blake discovered a passion for illustration and design, bringing a more realized finish to his photography. It all started to make sense. And by combining the three disciplines he has since worked on design projects for clients including Nike and Reebok, and packaging concepts for Harlequin and Gold Eagle Books.

Blake describes his photographic illustration work as “…taking a photograph and discovering it’s deeper meanings through the use of texture, colour and additional layers of manipulation.” He finds inspiration for his illustrations in the seen and unseen world around him. And it also “just looks pretty freakin’ cool”.

Blake spends his spare time traveling, watching scary movies and collecting vintage tin toys.

To read more about Blake Morrow, go here.

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