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Cooking With Annie D: Southern Recipes Seasoned With Seagraves and Pettyjohn Family History

The South is known for delicious food. In this down-home cookbook, you will find plenty of Southern recipes along with Seagraves and Pettyjohn family history.

More About Cooking With Annie D

Annie D’s Pettyjohn family moved from the North Georgia mountains to Athens, Georgia in 1933, eventually settling in a house in what is today the Boulevard Historic District. Her husband, Nelson “Petie” Seagraves’ grandfather and other family members moved to the East side of Athens from Madison County, Georgia in the 1860s. Chapters include family member profiles, Seagraves barbecue sauce, hash and chicken recipes, the history of Madison County, Georgia’s Seagraves Mill, and much more. Dig in and enjoy this combo dish of food and family served Southern-style!

Read an excerpt here.

Cooking With Annie D: Southern Recipes Seasoned With Seagraves and Pettyjohn Family History
Athens Writes

Coming soon: Athens Writes: Authors With an Athens, Georgia Connection

On any given day in Athens, Georgia, works of art swirl across canvases, musical notes float on the air and words rise above the classic city, forming a cloud of creativity.

More About Athens Writes

My hometown of Athens, Georgia, long-known as an art and music town, also is a literary town filled with talented natives who have a way with words, writers who came to the University of Georgia for an education or a job and stayed, and authors of all genres passing through to speak at an event or teach a workshop.

In Athens Writes, I will introduce you to author’s I’ve had the privilege and honor of interviewing and writing about during my seven years as a local newspaper columnist and 20 years as a freelance magazine article writer. Some you may already know from their books. Others you may meet for the first time. No way can I include every author with an Athens, Georgia connection in this book. But I will cover many and after reading this book, I  hope you will agree that Athens, Georgia is a literary town.

Coming Soon: Finding Fiction in Your Own Backyard

“Fiction is the dream of the writer, made visible on the page. It may be the writer’s lived experience or it may be entirely imagined.”–Pat Schneider, Writing Alone and With Others

More About Finding Fiction in Your Own Backyard

From the beginning:

Let’s begin by talking about fiction. If we’re going to find fiction in our own backyards, we need to recognize it, right?

So, what is fiction?

Here’s my favorite definition of fiction: “Fiction is life with the dull bits left out.”

An Australian critic, Clive James, said that. It surprised me to hear a critic define fiction that way. Usually, they talk about the dull bits that are left in the fictional books they review. This particular critic also is an author, which probably explains his view of fiction. . . 

Finding Fiction in Your Own Backyard

Wintervillians: People From Winterville, Georgia's Past

Winterville, Georgia, a railroad town near Athens and the University of Georgia, has always attracted interesting people. In this forthcoming book, you’ll meet several people from Winterville’s past, including former longtime Mayor Wesley Whitehead, longtime storekeeper Inez Edwards, and other Wintervillians including Reba Dawson.

More About Wintervillians

More information coming soon . . .

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