Athens Writes: An Athens, Georgia Literary Memoir by Donny Bailey Seagraves

In Athens Writes: An Athens, Georgia Literary Memoir, I'm going show you how I became a published author. Along the way, I'll introduce you to authors who influenced me on my literary journey. I’ve had the privilege and honor of interviewing and writing about many of these authors during my seven years as a local newspaper columnist and 20 years as a freelance magazine writer. Some you may already know them from their books. Others you may meet for the first time.

No way can I include every author with an Athens, Georgia connection. But I will cover many and after reading this book, I hope you will think of Athens, Georgia as a literary town as well as a mecca of art and music.

 "If you want a character to reside on every page, you do not tell the story from their perspective. You write about them from the perspective of other people. In the letters in The Book of Marie, Marie writes about her experiences rather than about herself. What she's really talking about is something much bigger than herself."

Author Terry Kay, from an interview I did with him several years ago for Athens Magazine.

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