FAQ About Cooking With Annie D

Q: Why did you write this book?

A: This book started as a simple collection of family recipes compiled, copied, and given to family members by my mother-in-law, Anne “Annie D” Pettyjohn Seagraves. Several years after her death, I looked at the recipes and Annie D’s photo albums and papers, which included some family history information, and decided to put these things together in a book. I compiled and wrote this book mainly for younger family members and those who have not yet been born. I wanted them to know something about their ancestors and to share some of their recipes.

Q: Was Annie D a professional cook or chef?

A: No. But she cooked from when she was young until her 80s. Her food was simple, Southern and down-home, and, for the most part, super delicious.

Q: How did you research the family history parts of Cooking With Annie D?

A: I first looked at the family history information that Annie D had in her papers and photo albums. Then I reached out to several other family members. I also asked Annie D’s granddaughters to share their memories of the house on Georgia Drive and especially the kitchen and food. I also included several articles and columns I wrote during my many years of freelance writing. And I did a great deal of research online and used several helpful books.

Q: What are your favorite chapters of Cooking With Annie D?

A: Obviously, I like them all. Chapter 4, Hardy Seagraves: From Madison County to Athens, Georgia, seemed to take forever to write, but it’s one of my favorites. I also love Chapter 16, Luke And Mabel’s Pettyjohn Family History. Most descendants will never know as much about their ancestors as Pettyjohn descendants will after they read Luke and Mabel’s family history. I like the Seagraves Mill History (Chapter 8) and Myra C. Manley Watkins Walker’s Early Seagraves Family History (Chapter 3). Even though I don’t fish, I’m also fond of Chapter 10: Meats, Fish, and Seafood, especially the fishing stories there.

Q: You released Cooking With Annie D in a paperback edition. Will there be an e-book edition? How about a hardback?

A: There is now an e-book edition on Amazon.com and other sites that sell books. There probably won’t be a hardback.

Q: Where can I buy a copy of Cooking With Annie D?

A: You can buy a copy directly from the author here. It's also available on Amazon.com and on most other online websites where books are sold. 

Q: Are you working on other books?

A: Yes. I’m working on several new books I hope to have soon. One is Spelling Bee: Josh Versus Tiffany, a children’s middle-grade novel. Another is a book I’m calling Athens Writes: Authors With an Athens, Georgia Connection. I’m also working on a book called Finding Fiction in Your Own Backyard.

Q: What’s your favorite Annie D recipe?

A: I like them all, but if I had to choose one favorite, it would be Anne’s Favorite Pound Cake. You’ll find that recipe on page 190.