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Gone From These Woods (Paperback)

Gone From These Woods (Paperback)

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"There is a lot of complexity in this coming-of-age novel. Sensitive younger readers will be drawn in by Daniel's story, which can be likened to a more emotional twin of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet."-Booklist

Gone From These Woods by Donny Bailey Seagraves is a children's middle-grade novel that appeals to readers of all ages. This is the paperback edition and is signed by the author. Gone From These Woods, set in rural North Georgia, tells a gripping tale of overcoming guilt and learning to let go. The protagonist struggles with the fallout of his mistake and also faces the abuse of an alcoholic father. As Daniel learns to listen to the kinds words from his uncle that replay in his mind and accepts help from a guidance counselor, his story unfolds. . . In Gone From These Woods, Seagraves, a native of Athens, Georgia, tells a story that deftly illustrates the culture and traditions of the American rural South and how one boy must learn to navigate this world.

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